I am 33. A Capricorn. I’m happily married to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known. We have four awesome little people we proudly call our own.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I’m grateful for all that it has brought into my life and for everything I’ve had the opportunity to learn. I have truly become a better person since I joined seven years ago.

I love cheesecake and good books. My hobbies include sewing, crocheting, and scrolling around on Pinterest. Astronomy fascinates me and so does nature. My dream is to live on a farm and be completely self sustained.


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  1. Estimada Brandi, soy un pastor de España. Tu valentía nos ha asombrado a muchos, solo decirte que sigas adelante defendiendo la verdad, testimonios como el tuyo son muy necesarios, gracias!!
    Dear Brandi , I’m a pastor from Spain . Your courage has astonished many of us , just tell you to move on defending the truth , testimonials like yours are very necessary , thank you !!


  2. Brandi, soy un joven de España, es increíble leer lo que cuentas. no pude evitar conmoverme mientras leía una noticia tuya en Protestante Digital, hace unos momentos Gracias por traer tanta luz en este tema y ser valiente de levantar tu voz por los que aún no tienen. Quisiera tomar contacto contigo. Brandi , I’m a young man of Spain , it’s amazing what you accounts. I could not help being moved while reading news at Protestant Digital , Thank you for bringing so much light on this issue and be brave to raise your voice for those who still have not .i want contact with you!


  3. hi! i read your story, im from chile, I just want you to know that gradually your story is spreading around the world, words like yours do very well to the families of the world, God does have a plan for you, and that was to help many people to open his eyes, children have the right to live a fulfilling life, God bless you.


  4. Estimada Brandi: soy sacerdote mexicano y deseo felicitarte por su valentía y amor por la verdad del matrimonio y educación de los hijos. En México recientemente la Suprema Corte de Justicia ha aprobado la jurisprudencia para equiparar el matrimonio heterosexual y el “matrimonio” homosexual. Necesitamos unir esfuerzos y voluntades para defender el auténtico matrimonio, y el derecho de los niños para ser educados por un padre y una madre. El próximo sabada habrá una gran marcha en Guadalajara y en Distrito Federal para defender este derecho de los niños.
    Cuenta con mi oración y bendición.

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  5. Thank you for you honesty, Brandi. I am sure it’s been difficult putting those very personal thoughts to paper. Your doing so will, no doubt, be of great benefit to other children of same-sex relationships. You are very brave to risk the backlash that will or has come your way. The media and activists are not kind to those who stray from the party line. Rest assured, there are many who read this that feel exactly as I do.


  6. Hello, I learned of you through Katy’s blog, and just wanted to weigh in with my support, for what it’s worth, I am just an individual with a gay brother and am trying to understand and help him. May God bless and sustain you in this cause.


  7. buen dia Brandi, soy Hernan Dario Zapata Villa de Colombia, gracias por tu valentia, eso demuestra que no debemos quedarnos callados antes las presiones cultutales que en ulitmas instancias afectan al desarrollo de los niños, hoy en dia en mi pais se dice ” el tener dos padres de diferente sexo es pasado de moda” yo tenfo amigos LGTI pero no apruebo el hecho de la crianza de hijos con padres del mismo sexo. Tener una familia con madre y padre son tradiciones que nunca deben cambiar.


  8. Hi Brandy I am really concern about the propanganda in favor to be lesbian or gay is great actually be a normal girl o boy is weird. So yes I agree with you thah we have to rise our voices to say that freedom doesn’t mean empowering this groups against of natural relations. Actually “normal” or heterosexual people are being criticism and it is not good it is best and more fantastic be gay or lesbian. More overall the schools and the teachers are promoting this tendencies too. I think that it is necessary to start explaining ehat is going on, so that if you are expanding the message I am here to help and support you. Thanks Maria


  9. Hey just returned from the OOCM was wondering which ward you lived in? Email me if you’d rather it not be on a public space /zaos37@gmail.com (then delete it)


  10. Hey Brandi! Just wanted to say thank you for posting your experiences on this blog. I really appreciate your courage and bravery for speaking out like this and would like to encourage you to continue doing so. Have an awesome day!.


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